UK Glamping Sites for the Perfect Blend of Comfort & Nature

Glam camping really doesn’t do glamping justice. You see, it’s not just camping for those who squeal at the sight of a nylon tent and can’t face cold showers in the morning. Today, glamping is a luxury experience with all the home comforts plus a little more.  Forget about canvas tents too as glampers can … Read more

The best wild swimming spots UK | Wild swimming UK

If you’re a fan of being in the water but haven’t yet tried wild water swimming, what are you waiting for?! For those of you who don’t know, wild water swimming is a type of swim in a natural outdoor space. So, instead of a swimming pool, think of open water such as lakes, reservoirs, … Read more

Coastal pubs in Cornwall | Cornwall pubs by the sea

Welcome to our blog post on “The Best Coastal Pubs in Cornwall!” If you’re a fan of breathtaking ocean views, refreshing sea breezes, and good old-fashioned pub vibes, then you’re in for a treat. Cornwall, with its stunning coastline and rich maritime history, is home to some of the best coastal pubs in the UK. … Read more

The 12 best sandy beaches in the UK

There’s nothing better than packing up the cool bag, getting out the bat and ball and getting ready for a day at the beach. Even better, when the sun’s shining and the ice cream van makes an appearance nice and early on, you know you’re in for a treat.  But with over 1500 UK beaches … Read more

Our 7 favourite harbour towns in the UK

Mention the word ‘holiday’ and, for many of us, images of blue seas and golden sands pour into our imagination. After all, what better place to truly relax than on a beautiful beach that’s surrounded by cliff-top adventures, award-winning restaurants and family fun for all ages? If you’re searching for your next seaside break, you … Read more

The best dog friendly beaches in the UK

There’s nothing better than a trip to the seaside, but if you’ve got a pooch in tow, it can take a little more planning to find a shore that will welcome your four-legged friends too. That’s where our top picks of dog-friendly beaches in the UK comes in. We’ve stuck to ones that allow dogs … Read more

The best places for sun in the UK

Yep, you did just read the words ‘sun’ and ‘UK’ in the same sentence. In fact, as superfans of staycations, we think our country gets a bad wrap for its weather. Of course, it rains, it blows and it snows. But we do also get fantastic heatwaves (at least in some parts of the country) … Read more

16 of the best seaside towns near London

Planning a beach holiday on home soil this summer? If you live in the capital, you don’t have to travel far for sand between your toes and the smell of fresh sea air, as the beautiful coastlines of Kent, Sussex and Essex can be reached in just under 2 hours.  From the quintessential English charm … Read more

Staycations with a sea view

Just imagine it now – you’re sitting at the table with your morning coffee, the croissants are in the oven, and today’s paper is open. The sun’s peeping out over the hills, the kids are still in bed and you know you’ve got approximately 30 more minutes to take in the glorious sea views and … Read more